Aydin Rahmi HR Strategist & Training Facilitator

Aydin Rahmi – HR Strategist & Training Facilitator Extraordinaire

Aydin of Rhythm Infused began facilitating sound meditation experiences in 2018 after she fell in love with the modality whilst exploring her own meditation practices. In 2021, she incorporated breathwork into her offerings which once again started off from her using the practice as part of her personal healing tools.


Although Aydin uses various instruments in her sound offerings, her favourite healing instrument to work with are gongs. They’re a powerful tool in assisting people in reaching deeper states of meditation, connecting to their intuition, and restoring the body to its harmonic state.


Everything Aydin offers in her work are practices that she personally uses and has had life changing results from. She has a tailored approach to her offerings to ensure that the individual or group receive what best suits their needs. Aydin offers one on one programs and facilitates sound meditation or breathwork classes at wellness retreats, workplaces, private functions, and yoga studios.


Formal qualifications

Master Gong Practitioner (Mehtab Benton)

Level 1 – Foundations of Sound Healing (Sound Healing Academy)

Planetary Sound Healer (Mehtab Benton)

Gong Yoga Nidra (Mehtab Benton)

Intro to Sound Healing (Lama Tendar – Medicine Buddha Healing Centre)

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