Ange Dion – Senior Safety Advisor

Ange Dion is a dedicated Safety Consultant and a passionate advocate of promoting safety culture in businesses.

With over 18 years of experience in the HVAC, Construction, and Manufacturing industries, she has gained extensive knowledge working on various construction sites and collaborating with Workcover on numerous occasions.

Ange’s expertise in the field has led her to keynote speaking and training engagements in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Malaysia, where she shares her insights on various safety-related topics.

Her passion for creating safer workplaces and empowering businesses shines through in her work.

Ange is available for speaking opportunities about safety culture, aiming to reach and inspire a wider audience with her valuable knowledge and expertise.

Topics I can present on;

  • Management Responsibilities
  • Accident investigations -Work Cover & Prosecutions
  • Subcontractor Management, contractual requirements for safety in Construction
  • Return to Work & Mental Health Challenges in Business
  • Health & Safety Training/ Mentoring;
  • Workshops in Safety culture – Training your teams on their mindset that safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Motivation & Self Confidence, Overcoming Fear & Uncertainty
  • Effective leadership skills & Successes principles

Delivering talks on these models to teams and events, empowering better performance and productivity within the team.

So, Let’s Have a Conversation and Talk About Your Company’s Safety Needs!

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