Why Can’t I Find And Keep Good People?

By Carmel Brown, The Trusted Authority On Business Culture And Staff Performance

Why is it such a challenge to find and keep awesome people for your business? It’s a question that has many business owners scratching their heads, desperately searching for a simple solution.

Countless business owners are constantly scratching their heads asking, “Isn’t there a simple solution to this problem?”

Could the answer be as simple as focusing on:

  • Trying to attract high achievers?
  • Becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’?
  • Allowing flexible work arrangements?

Yes… But, there is more…

Let’s face it – recruiting top-notch talent is tougher than ever. The missing piece of the puzzle can be summed up in one sentence: People’s expectations of work have evolved.

So, how does this affect you and your business? Well, in more ways than you might realise. Think back to five years ago – if an employee asked to work permanently from home, or ten years ago – if someone questioned the positive impact of the business on the planet. Times have changed, and employee expectations have shifted significantly.

Do you truly know what matters most to your current employees?

Chances are, if you did, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Enter our model – a guide to align business owner expectations with team expectations, ensuring everyone is content and productive.

Step one is gaining clarity.

Start by understanding yourself as a business owner. What are your goals?

Building a business where you’re excited to show up every day, achieving your objectives, and serving your clients. A business that is 100% aligned with your values, your passion and your strengths.

How good does that sound?

But is it really possible?

When we think about the challenges of recruiting and retaining quality people, ask yourself the following questions:

Out of the last 5 people I have hired, how many are….

  1. 100% aligned with our business values
  2. Fit our organisational culture
  3. Have strengths which will allow the person in the role to absolutely thrive
  4. Have a communication style that is aligned with the team
  5. Have career goals which we can support and add value to

And this is all before the person has even come onboard with you.

Then it’s about setting up the right person for success.

If we were to ask you to answer the following question honestly, how would you respond?

Do you have a robust onboarding process in your business which ensures that you have done everything in your team’s control to set up new employees for success?

This involves:

  • Creating a welcoming induction process
  • Creating a thorough onboarding program
  • Ensuring all leaders know how to support new employees to thrive
  • Giving and receiving regular feedback, enabling the new employee to develop skills and behaviours that will ensure success

And the list goes on…

The reality is, that most business owners we speak to know that there is so much more that they can do to ensure that new employees are set up for success.

It’s NUTS, when you think about the cost involved in hiring new people. It’s HIGH! 

It is so much easier to hire great people and support them to thrive! It’s a win/win for everyone involved.

And significantly cheaper than the alternative.

So, why don’t businesses do this? If it is so simple after all.

They don’t know how.

  1. They don’t have the processes in place to really understand what sort of person they need to hire, to ensure the person really complements the role and the business culture.
  2. They don’t have the recruitment process in place to properly screen potential candidates
  3. They hire someone, without having a thorough onboarding process in place to set them up for success.

So, how do you make it all happen?

It all comes back to expertise.

A business who specialises in providing NDIS, Pharmacy, Body Corporate, Construction, Accounting or Mechanical services often doesn’t have the skills to do all of the above.

If you are an ambitious business owner, who is determined to build a thriving business

… with a team who are completely aligned to the vision, goals and values of the business (yes, it’s possible).

Then it’s time to consider how you can do things differently.

To get clarity on how to attract and retain the best people in the market…

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To summarise: people are complicated!

Getting your staff on the bus, in the right seats and headed in the same direction is the key to every business’ success.

We explore 10 Challenges every Business Owner knows only too well, from the Trusted Authority on Business Culture and Staff Performance – Carmel Brown.

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Carmel Brown - Director

Meet The Author

Carmel Brown is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sales, marketing, and business development.

As the Founder of The Proven Group, Carmel has built a reputation for her innovative and creative approach to business, and her unwavering dedication to helping her clients achieve their goals.

She believes that building strong relationships and creating a culture of trust and respect are critical to success in business. Her innovative approach and dedication to delivering results have helped The Proven Group become one of the most respected and successful People and Culture consulting firms in the industry.

Carmel has been featured in many magazines, podcasts, including: Smart Company, HR Magazine, Human Resources Online, Franchise Review and Business Franchise Magazine.

Carmel’s latest book, “Less Headaches, Happier Team, More Success!” has become an instant best-seller among Business Owners and Leaders Australia-wide. 

With clients across manufacturing, construction, professional services, franchising and healthcare, The Proven Group’s approach to supporting People and Culture within business has enabled a true alignment between business goals, strategies and the people. 

In a day and age where productivity is a real challenge, where there is more to achieve in a day than ever before, Carmel has been able to break through this noise and develop a system that addresses root causes of problems in businesses.  

Carmel has been recognised by Commerce Ballarat, Geelong Chamber of Commerce, Australian HR Awards, Telstra Business Awards, Great Place to Work Certified and more.

With a business philosophy ‘Where Everybody Wins!’ Carmel, lives this each and every day. Carmel has built a community of referral partners, associates and clients laser focused on making a positive impact. 

In a world that seems complex and busy, Carmel strives to support businesses in making the people side efficient, productive and simple.