To Recruit Quality People You Must Learn to Retain The Best People In The Market

Surely it can’t be that hard to recruit great people!

The reality is that it is not!

Most businesses are struggling to recruit amazing people and I am sure you would agree that it is more challenging than it was 5 or 10 years ago.


There are so many reasons.

To summarise it down to one simple sentence it would be – People’s Expectations of Work Have Changed!

So how does this impact you?

It impacts you in every way!

If you had a staff member ask you to permanently work from home 5 years ago, what would you have said?

If you had a staff member 10 years ago ask you about the positive impact the business is having on the planet, what would you have said?

And the list goes on….

Employee expectations have changed in many different ways.

Do you really know what is most important to your current employees? Do you feel that these people are 100% your dream employees?

I imagine not! If you did, the likelihood is that you would not be reading this article.

The challenge is that the formula for this is not quite so straight forward.

We take a business owner with a unique:

  • business
  • set of goals
  • personality
  • set of skills
  • communication style
  • approach to leading a team
  • And the list goes on….

The process to attracting and retaining great people is quite similar across all businesses, even with all the uniqueness that they bring.

Step one is to gain clarity.

Get really clear on yourself as the business owner. Your priority is to build a business where you want to come every day, while achieving your goals and servicing your clients.

It sounds so easy!

Here’s what you can do to start developing clarity:

  1. Develop clear vision, mission and values statements for your business
  2. Get clear on the culture you want to build – what does this look like in practice?
  3. Get clear on your strengths and weaknesses – focus on working in your area of strength and surrounding yourself with people who can lift you up in your area of weakness
  4. Leave your ego at the door – if your goal is to grow a business that attracts and retains the best people in the market, you need to build a culture that supports their growth, empowers them to challenge themselves and promotes collaboration and cooperation between the team. If you want to be the smartest person in the room, who is always right, then this approach is not for you.

One you have this level of clarity, you will know exactly what talent you need in your business.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” – Steve Jobs.

The question is…How do you do this?

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If you’d be happy with a team of people who were all working towards a common goal… where you could focus on your area of strength rather than constantly putting out fires…

Then it’s time for a new upgraded attraction and retention model, one that doesn’t leave a constant revolving door of people coming in and out of the business….

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Managing people is not easy

Staff always bring their “baggage” to work

Leading is a special skill in itself

Compliance is constantly a moving target


To summarise: people are complicated!

Getting your staff on the bus, in the right seats and headed in the same direction is the key to every business’ success.

We explore 10 Challenges every Business Owner knows only too well, from the Trusted Authority on Business Culture and Staff Performance – Carmel Brown.

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Carmel Brown - Director

Meet The Author

Carmel Brown is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sales, marketing, and business development.

As the Founder of The Proven Group, Carmel has built a reputation for her innovative and creative approach to business, and her unwavering dedication to helping her clients achieve their goals.

She believes that building strong relationships and creating a culture of trust and respect are critical to success in business. Her innovative approach and dedication to delivering results have helped The Proven Group become one of the most respected and successful People and Culture consulting firms in the industry.

Carmel has been featured in many magazines, podcasts, including: Smart Company, HR Magazine, Human Resources Online, Franchise Review and Business Franchise Magazine.

Carmel’s newest book, “Less Headaches, Happier Team, More Success!” has become an instant best-seller among Business Owners and Leaders Australia-wide. 

With clients across manufacturing, professional services, franchising and healthcare The Proven Group’s approach to supporting People and Culture within business has enabled a true alignment between business goals, strategies and the people. 

In a day an age where productivity is a real challenge, where there is more to achieve in a day than ever before, Carmel has been able to break through this noise and develop a system that addresses route causes of problems in businesses.  

Carmel’s “Phone a Friend” service has helped her and her team assist business owners who are overwhelmed by the complex world of HR, resulting in surpassing results for her clients. Carmel’s Outplacement Services are a testament to her commitment to supporting both employers and employees during times of transition. Her support ensures exiting employees have the best chance of securing new employment, while also reflecting the commitment of the company to their people and brand.